About me

I’m Florencia, I’m 25, I do Comms and Film, and I live in Montevideo.

I got my first job seven years ago, fresh out of high school, and it was a weird one. I started my professional life as an Assistant Editor for a web-series, at the same time that I started learning how to edit. Since then, I haven’t stopped diversifying my work experience in similar areas: I’ve worked as a community manager, in photography, videography, subtitling and translation, product copywriting, as a film teacher, and more. I graduated from Film School in late 2019, and have about one year left to finish my Bachelors in Communication. My passion project is an online feminist magazine called Hera Mag, which I co-funded in late 2018, and for which I write, edit, and more. I am very passionate about all things creative, multimedia, and languages– I speak three: very fluent English and Spanish, and very mediocre French, but my life goal is to know at least five. I am a to-do list lover and chronic planner. In the words of my mentor, I am a “Swiss Army knife creator”.

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