I work as a Communication Assistant for the British Embassy in Uruguay. My tasks are: answering enquiries, posting constant content to all of their social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn), making media reports, graphic design and print, press reports and follow-ups, covering of really high-profile events that include import politicians and celebrities (photography, video and social media), ordering and use of equipment, filming and editing videos with subtitles, translation, etc.

Hera Magazine is an online transmedia feminist project which I’ve co-created two years ago. I take care of logistic and creative endeavours such as: organizing articles and media created by our staff and collaborators; coming up with new ideas for merchandising, social media campaigns, videos and future projects; illustration and graphic design for our articles, website and social media; community management and website maintenance; writing articles and correcting other writers’; redacting and designing manuals for collaboration (examples here and here); interviewing, transcribing and editing conversations with new artists, etc.

Fotoarte is a school that mainly focuses on photography and video. My work in Comms was very business-oriented and mainly consisted of: managing social media accounts (answering messages, uploading and scheduling posts), occasional graphic design, WordPress website management, barter advertising (finding up-and-coming businesses who were willing to exchange food or goods for professional photographies and advertisement), writing film/photography articles for their blog, making of dossiers for business proposals (you can find them here and here), etc.


Vexels is a design platform for merch and commercial use graphics. I work in the Marketing area as a Product Copywriter; naming, describing, categorizing and tagging all of its content before it’s uploaded to their website.

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