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Between homemade videos, toothbrushes and a dull shared apartment, Teo decides to leave his girlfriend, without quite knowing how to handle it.

Official selection: 18 Festival de Escuelas, 37th Cinemateca Film Festival, 6th Detour Festival, 14th San Pablo Festival.
In 2018, Giros won Editores Organizados del Uruguay’s award for “Best Editing for a Short Film” in Detour Film Festival.

Kimmy is a wealthy exchange student from California living in Montevideo. That is, until her family goes broke and she actually has to mingle with the Uruguayans, in true mockumentary style.

Two friends, Eve and Coti, get together after some important events and a few months apart. Coti brings some wine to lighten the mood, but they don’t have a corkscrew to open it.

Official selection: Fenacies Film Festival

A guy tries to convince his skeptical girlfriend of a strange incident he witnessed the day before

Official selection: Detour Festival’s “Beaches in one take” challenge

Clara wakes up the day of her eighteenth birthday to a surprise party that looks like it’s supposed to be for a 8-year-old. She tries to leave her mature ways behind in order to enjoy it, but life gets in the way.

A young filmmaker, Juan, explores his birthplace, his relationship with his father and the impossibility of portraying him as he perceives him.

Feature film in development, official selection in DocMontevideo’s Documentary Pitching, Detour’s Film Lab, Puentes Uruguay.

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