Graphic Design

I am part of the Hera Magazine staff and I take part in many different areas. From writing articles, correcting them, doing interviews, illustrations, graphic design & web design, and also managing and writing for its social media accounts, here are some sample of the creative work that I do.

Fotoarte is a school that mainly focuses on photography and video. I also teach video editing in this institution.

Personal consultancies with Tissiana Lluberas, Agricultural Engineer, to start your own orchard in your house and produce homegrown food.

A simple, communicative approach to Business English. Facilitating vocabulary, expressions and tips to excel in different career choices. 

Personalized training with a focus on pilates, therapeutic gym, and gym for the elderly.

Zarasa is a newly-formed Uruguayan production company mainly focused on music. Note: the only design in this photoset made by me is their logo.

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